What is Your Workplace Culture - Part II
by Jessica Dale

What is Your Workplace Culture – Part II

I’m following up on Katrina’s last blog, only this time, focusing on the FUN committee.

As you may have noticed here at VAST, we like to have fun! Although all of our employees are a part of our workplace culture, the FUN committee’s primary responsibility is to plan events that are random, celebratory, interesting, and you guessed it – FUN! To give you a glimpse of what this looks like in action, the following is a small sampling of events we have celebrated:

  • Monthly celebration lunches [VAST purchases the food] to celebrate the birthdays and work anniversaries of all employees in the month.
  • National Salsa Day – celebrated with Jill White’s famous salsa.
  • National Root Beer Float Day – enjoyed a nice cold root beer float.
  • National Clown Day – took a group picture with red clown noses on, and had a clown come in and make balloon creations for each of us.
  • Superman Day – celebrated with Superman ice cream.
  • Baby Showers – lunch devoted to celebrating new parents to be, with spouses also being invited.
  • Random cookouts on a nice summer day.
  • International Coffee Day – we indulge in special coffees.
  • Christmas Party – sub-committee helps to plan the Christmas Party for the employees every year.
  • Summer Event – this year we had a “family night” at the Sportsplex, complete with food and fun.

…and the list goes on. Needless to say, it’s a rare week when something doesn’t pop up that has been planned by the FUN committee. It’s a good thing we have a ZEN committee to help offset our love for the national days that involve food!

We are also responsible for managing the Employee Gift Fund. This is a fund we have of money contributed by every single employee that we use for various things. This includes buying baby shower gifts, wedding gifts, bosses day gifts, and one of our favorites – to buy gifts for a family or kids we “adopt” during the Christmas season.

It’s a privilege being a part of a company that encourages FUN and creativity, and empowers us to do so by providing a budget and freedom! As Katrina mentioned previously, we work hard at our workplace culture and we have FUN doing it. Encourage your company to define a culture, and find ways to help create and sustain it. Sub-committees are a great way of doing this, and the whole company benefits.

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