What is Your Workplace Culture?
by Katrina Mattila

What is Your Workplace Culture?

Here at VAST we take our workplace culture seriously…well most of the time, except when we have events such as watermelon spitting contests or VAST Olympics. We take great pride in the culture we have created, which is the perfect balance of fun, healthy and working hard.

Our core values define what our culture is, and we focus on those values daily. We even have a book that shows what our culture is all about. We also have committees that help to define our culture and keep it strong. Our three main committees are the Nerd Herd, Fun, and Zen. We have also recently started a Young Pro Elite committee, which helps young professionals define their career goals and implement ways to achieve them.

Today I want to focus a little more on our Zen committee, since it is my personal favorite, and mostly because it is the committee I serve on. Our Zen committee works hard to encourage everyone in the office to make healthy choices that center around mind, body, and soul. One of the activities we do on the Zen committee is provide healthy snacks on a weekly basis that are free to employees to help encourage healthy snacking and trying new foods. We also utilize a wellness website. This website helps track activity, foods, biometrics, and much more. Employees are rewarded when they reach certain levels of success on the website. We hold lunch and learns, have smoothie days, and organized walks. We have chair massages in the office by local massage therapists, and offer biometric testing twice a year to help employees know their numbers and stay on track. We also have an annual competition for a 12 week period, and everyone who participates gets entered into a drawing for really cool prizes.

Like I said, we work hard at our workplace culture and we have fun doing it! Encourage your company to define a culture, and find ways to help create and sustain it.

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