The Benefits of a Break

The Benefits of a Break

Have you ever been working on something, and realize that it is taking way longer than it should? If so, a 15 minute or so break from the project or task at hand could do wonders for productivity and efficiency. These breaks provide much more benefits than one might not have previously considered. They can make you not only more productive, but more creative and attentive!

Working without a break throughout the day could be detrimental. The brain needs a rest, as research indicates that working nonstop can affect the connections in your brain, increasing the risk of developing neurological issues. The weaker these connections, the more trouble people have controlling their emotions, which can lead to lower productivity. The next time you’re feeling in a slump or at a standstill, get up from your desk and take a quick walk or grab a coffee. When you get back to your workstation, see if you feel better, and possibly more energized. I bet you will, and it will lead to higher productivity.

When employers allows employees to take breaks, they’re helping them in many different ways. It helps them retain their focus and avoid getting bored. Encouraging breaks can help create a diversion throughout the day and keep your mind fresh. Breaks also make it easier for people to retain information, as stepping away from work helps people relax. Another benefit of taking a pause is that people can step back and reevaluate the way a task is being approached, and they may realize that they’re not going about their work in the most efficient manner or in the proper way.

Another benefit of a break for those that work behind a computer all day is that they give people the chance to rest their eyes. Looking at a computer hour after hour can put a lot of strain on the eyes and cause headaches. It’s important to look away every so often to protect your eyes.

Personally, I have realized that when I take a 15 minute break, whether it’s a quick walk outside, climbing a few flights of stairs, or to grab a coffee, I come back to my desk rejuvenated, especially if I get fresh air! These breaks do incredible things for how I manage my workflow, and they’re important parts of my day that everyone should try to implement into their work day!

A simple break can benefit one’s health and well-being, as working for extended periods of time without a break can have a negative effect on our bodies and minds. This week, challenge yourself to implement this into your work day and notice the benefits throughout the rest of your day!



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