Five Mind-blowing Teen Driving Statistics
by Heather Mosher

Five Mind-blowing Teen Driving Statistics

When parents call in to add teen drivers to their auto policies, the first thing they think about is the effect it will have on their rates.  Often, it is a pretty significant impact.  Is this fair?  We always assume that teen drivers pose a higher risk while driving a vehicle due to their lack of experience.  Recently, I came across some interesting information regarding teen drivers and it gave me a better grasp on just how much of a risk there is.  Here are five mind-blowing statistics on teens and driving:

  • Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of teen driving fatalities.
  • 1 out of every 5 licensed teen drivers will be involved in a vehicle crash.
  • The risk of a vehicle crash drops by 2/3rds after the first 1500 miles of unsupervised driving.
  • Having only ONE passenger in the car increases a 16 year olds crash risk by 50%.
  • In the past, roughly 2/3rds of teens killed in vehicles were NOT wearing seatbelts.

This leads me to believe that getting back to the basics and stressing some very minor changes in the way your teen driver thinks can have a HUGE impact on their safety.  These are things we KNOW our teens should be doing, but maybe aren’t.

  • Get lots of experience behind the while with a parent or guardian.
  • ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.
  • Limit the amount of time your teen spends driving friends around.
  • And of course, DON’T text and drive.

We know it’s often hard to maintain the attention of your teen, but hope that this provides some good talking points to remind them that they aren’t invincible.  Taking the time to have a good discussion as a family will show them how much you care!  To learn more, contact Heather Mosher | 906.315.7235 |

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