Summer Safety Tips
by Heather Mosher

Summer Safety Tips

Summertime is in full swing and this means it’s time for some fun in the sun.  Whether you’re out barbequing or lounging by the pool, it’s important to stay safe while having fun.  I have come up with a few summer related tips to keep you enjoying the heat.

4th of July = Fireworks

With the 4th of July right around the corner, it’s important to brush up on a few firework safety tips.  If not handled with care, fireworks can cause injury and/or damage to your home.  Here are a few tips to help your Independence Day go a little bit smoother.

  • Always supervise children when using fireworks.  This includes sparklers which can reach up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Never try to make your own fireworks.  Buying legal, labeled fireworks can help protect you and your loved ones.  Illegal fireworks and homemade fireworks account for thousands of injuries per year.
  • Never point fireworks towards your home.  The National Fire Protection Association estimates that local fire departments respond to more than 50,000 fires caused by fireworks per year.
  • Always soak used fireworks in a bucket of water before disposing.  This will prevent any fires caused by partially ignited fireworks.


Barbeques have become a staple in the summertime activities of many Americans.  We have all a relative that loses his eyebrows every year trying to start the grill.  Here are a few tips to keep your uncles brow intact this year.

  • Always read the owner’s manual.   Every grill is different, so it is important to make sure you are using yours correctly.
  • Never use your grill indoors.  As someone who processes many claims, it’s clear to me that common sense isn’t always so common.  Never use a grill in a camp trailer, enclosed porch, tent, or any other enclosed area.  Proper ventilation is key.
  • Always place your grill a considerable distance away from your home.  Any sparks or large flame bursts could reach your home and cause a fire.
  • Wear proper cooking attire.  The flames on your nylon track suit won’t be from your blazing speed.  Be sure to wear loose fitting garments made of flame retardant material to prevent burns.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher or water bucket nearby just in case something goes wrong.  If you are working with a gas grill, familiarize yourself with how to shut the gas off in case of emergency.

Pool Safety

It doesn’t get much better than lounging by the pool on a beautiful summer day.  Millions of Americans own backyard pools or hot tubs so chances are, you will visit one or two this summer.   Here are some tips for making sure you stay safe while beating the heat.

  • Secure your pool with fencing.  Completely surround your pool with a fence that meets your neighborhood’s/city’s regulations.  Make sure the gate for your fence is self-latching to prevent any children accidentally entering the pool area.
  • Establish rules that will enforce safe behaviors, such as no running and no diving.
  • ALWAYS supervise children, whether they are in the pool or not. Any young or inexperienced swimmers should wear a life jacket at all times.  It only takes a second for something to happen.
  • Create a buddy system for your children.
  • Ensure everyone in the home knows how to swim by enrolling them in swim classes.

Wrap Up

With the summer season finally in full swing, we are all excited to get out and enjoy it.  By taking a few extra moments to think about safety, we can prevent any summertime blues.  I hope these tips will help you have a fun and safe summer.

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