Recreation Nation
by Heather Mosher

Recreation Nation

So we’re in the dog days of summer. It’s warm, the sun sets late, and everyone wants to be outside.  What are we all doing outside? Well see, that’s another fun thing about summer. Boats, jet skis, atv’s, dirt bikes and everything in between.

But whether we’re entertaining friends at the lake or dirt biking down that country road, we probably aren’t thinking too hard about the risks we face while operating these items.

Unlike a motor vehicle, there isn’t anyone telling you that you must carry insurance on those items. In fact, many people insure the items themselves for physical damage (which is the relatively cheap denominator) and they forget to insure themselves for liability coverage (which can be the more harmful and potentially expensive one.) Many people are surprised to learn that liability isn’t automatically included on any of these toys!

Do yourself a favor and avoid summer mishaps. And if you can’t avoid them, make sure you’re properly protected.

From our family to yours – have a safe and happy summer!

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