Positivity Through the Transition

Positivity Through the Transition

We’re living in strange times; it feels like time is passing so fast, but yet so slow. There’s a constant desire to keep up with all of the new information surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, yet also an urge to just unplug and distance ourselves from it. Trying to keep up with everything can be overwhelming, exhausting, and anxiety inducing; but not paying attention to it causes ignorance to a global pandemic, in which we’re literally watching history unfold day by day.

Many of us have faced some sort of transition in light of COVID-19; whether that’s going from working full time to not working at all, or moving your work to your home; maybe your work hasn’t changed, just your lifestyle. Lifestyles in general have definitely taken a change of course; at this time, we’re unable to grab dinner with friends, attend an exercise class at our local gyms, or do any form of physical shopping besides grocery shopping without feeling scrutinized. Given the situation, there could be plenty of negativity focusing on all the “can’t dos”, but I’ve been doing my best to stay positive with some of the beauty this has brought into the world that I’d like to share.

Watching people come together in response to what we’re all facing has been completely heartwarming. We’ve seen it at the local level of restaurants that have been forced to close donating their food that would have perished to food pantries and shelters. We’ve seen it at the corporate level of manufacturers, small and large, changing their scope of operations to produce items that can be of aid to those who become ill or those who are working on the front lines. Watching people come together provides hope that we will get through this, but it will take all of us acting selflessly as well as positively to get us there.

Another beautiful thing has just been the slower approach to life. We don’t have packed evenings, after an already busy day of work, of places to be and appointments to get to. The slower approach makes us realize how jam packed our schedules once were, and question if that’s the pace we want to return to. There’s more time in the day now to read, cook, play a board game, or to call a friend or family member just to chat. Yes, there are things we miss from our lives that were there weeks ago, but we are able to fill our time with healthy things that maybe time didn’t permit for weeks ago.

Finally, re-establishing ourselves with nature is helpful, since that’s really the only outside entertainment we are able to engage in. It’s so great to see so many people out walking, running, riding bikes, or going for a drive to take in the beauty. People are out getting fresh air, and that’s great to see!

I think it’s safe to say we’re in unprecedented times, and ready to return to somewhat normal. But since we don’t know when that time will be here, it’s important to live in the present and to see the beauty in the cards we have been dealt. We will get through this; it just takes adaptation and the perseverance to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Stay positive! From all your friends at VAST, we wish you and your families’ great health!

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