No-Fault Insurance In Michigan Explained
by Heather Mosher

No-Fault Insurance In Michigan Explained

Today and we’ll start the first blog in a series designed to answer our customers most frequently asked questions.  Our first topic is no-fault insurance and what this means you as a driver in the State of Michigan.  No-fault insurance in its most basic terms means that if you are driver and you get into an accident with someone else on the road in the State of Michigan, you’re going to go back to your own insurance company and have your claim filed.  The other party is also going to go to their own insurance company and have their claim filed.  With that being said, there is limited recourse against a driver that causes the accident.  This makes some of our clients a little bit confused as to what type of coverage they should really be carrying.

Let’s look at it in a different way.  If you want your vehicle repaired after an accident, you must personally carry collision coverage on your insurance policy.  In light of this, the State of Michigan has designed a three-tiered system to give consumers options.  The options available include:

  1. Broad Form –your deductible will only apply to your claim if you are the at-fault party
  2. Basic Form – your deductible will apply to your claim whether you are at-fault or not
  3. Limited Collision – the most cost effective, but gives you the least coverage and says that your deductible will apply if you are not at-fault, but you will have no coverage if you are the at-fault driver.

I hope this gives you a little bit better idea of what kind of no-fault insurance coverage you should personally choose for your own auto insurance policy.  For more information about attaining a policy that is right for you contact Heather Mosher | 906.315.7235 |


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