New Employee
by Shelby Anderson

New Employee

I remember those feelings of my first day at VAST like it was yesterday. I was extremely nervous and excited, because it was such a big change for me. A new job, new industry, and even a new building to navigate. I had never worked in the insurance industry before, but I knew I was up for the challenge.

When I walked through the door that morning, I was more than pleasantly surprised. All that worrying was completely unnecessary, because I immediately felt welcomed.  The very first thing I did that Monday morning at 8 am was meet the entire team in an all staff meeting. A chipper group for a Monday morning, but if anything, that showed me how important culture is and how much everyone enjoys this company that they work for.

When I first walked to my desk I saw flowers and a hand written welcome card from every employee at VAST. Then over the next week I was able to sit down with every single person to learn about their role, and I also learned more about them personally. The best piece of advice that I heard from almost every single person I met with was DON’T be afraid to ask questions.

It’s been 4 months on the job for me, and I have learned so much already. I am very fortunate to work with a group of hard working people, and I work with some of the best group benefit professionals around. I am excited to keep learning about this vast insurance industry, and continue to help our clients.

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