by Cassie VanAbel

Milestone Anniversaries

At VAST, we love any reason to celebrate, but who doesn’t?  Once a year, at one of our monthly celebration lunches, we celebrate all employees who have a milestone work anniversary that year.  Milestone anniversaries are every five years of employment.  In addition to ordering lunch in, we also put together a slideshow with pictures of each person.  Thanks to years of past events, social media, amazing spouses and family members, we are able to put together a photo slideshow (including some awesome music) that never disappoints!

This year, we are lucky to be celebrating several employees:

Five {5} Years:

  • Scott Reddinger
  • Corey Hanycz
  • Cole Horton
  • Scott Koski
  • Andrew Flannery

Ten {10} Years:

  • Kelly Reed

Fifteen {15} Years:

  • Cortney Ranta

Thirty {30} Years:

  • Jennifer DuVall

From the rest of the VAST crew, thank you to each and everyone one of you for your years of service!!

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