Insurance Misconceptions Pt. I – The Agent

Insurance Misconceptions Pt. I – The Agent

Working in the insurance industry, I’ve come to find that during discussions with family and friends I’m often having to paint a “prettier” image of the job of an agent and the industry itself. Here, you will find a few of these misconceptions and the reality of insurance as I’ve come to know it first-hand.

  • Working with an agent is more expensive

It actually saves time and money when you go to an agent for your insurance needs. Think of it as your one- stop shop. When you go to an agent at VAST, they are able to seek out the best insurance provider for your particular situation.  Often this means bringing many different options directly to you, all free of service, and thus saving you from a breakdown.  The money you will save will allow you more cups of specialty coffee to splurge on!

  • They’re “out to get you”

Serving our clients and putting their needs and best interest first is what we’re in the business to do. Striving to do what’s right, and looking out for our insureds is the driving force behind everything we do.  The team prides itself on this.  Every week at our Monday morning meetings we highlight our “Core Values” to keep these principles fresh in the minds of every team member, with the most essential core value being integrity – the focus in all that we do here at VAST.

  • Agents are just dry and boring

This is probably one of the most commonly heard misconceptions about the insurance agent. However, if you’ve ever perused through a VAST Instagram photo or Facebook post, you’ll quickly find out that our agency is anything but dull. The employees here at VAST make it a point to not only work hard,  but also have an equal dose of fun. Much of this fun comes out of organized events put together by our committees. The Culture committee organizes events such as spontaneous afternoon cookouts and beanbag tournaments, with our Zen committee putting together clever scavenger hunts throughout downtown and hikes up Sugarloaf!


Part II of Insurance Misconceptions will highlight those on the industry itself – stay tuned!

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