Insurance is Like a Dating Website
by Heather Mosher

Insurance is Like a Dating Website

You probably wouldn’t compare your agency company to a dating website, but there is a lot of similarity! Let me tell you how:

  • Building a profile – no we don’t ask you to create a funny or descriptive username like “lovemachine” or “2HOT4U.” But we will get to know each other.  Questions will be asked about your current stage in life, what your goals for the future are and how we can design an asset protection plan that works for you in the long run.
  • We help you find your perfect match – has a lot of options for you.  Once your profile is created, it narrows down the people who fit you best. We do the same thing only not with people but with coverage and carriers. Based on what we learned during our profile building phase, we create a plan that fits your needs and matches your future goals.
  • Create a long term relationship – No, we won’t ask you to marry us or give you a 3 ct diamong ring. But we will strive to create a lasting relationship whereby we address all areas of your insurance and financial picture including liability, life, disability, and long term care – just to name a few. When your kids start driving, we want you to get advice and education from us. When that new grandchild is born, how about a children’s whole life plan? Since your life changes frequently, your insurance plan needs to adapt with those changes.

In short, we have a unique way of looking at our clients and their insurance protection needs.  Start by creating your profile today and maybe you’ll find your one true love.  Well maybe not a true love, but a great match to your needs. To learn more about our process contact Heather Mosher | | 906.315.7235.

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