Getting Prepared for Flu Season
by Scott Reddinger

Getting Prepared for Flu Season

School is back in session, summer is on its way out the door, and the autumn season is upon us. With this brings seasonal allergies, colds, and potentially the start of the flu season.  Following preventative measures is highly effective to protect yourself against falling ill with the flu. The CDC recommends getting a flu vaccine by the end of October. This gives your body time to build antibodies that protect against the flu before the season begins,  and it starts spreading throughout the community. A common question regarding vaccinations is, “How is the flu shot covered by my insurance”?  Under most policies, flu vaccines fall under immunization coverage as part of preventative care benefits.  Typically this is covered at 100%. Be sure to consult your medical plan document before making an appointment with your doctor to educate yourself on your coverage.


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