by Heather Mosher


When you think of an umbrella, the first thing that comes to mind is an object that shields you from the rain.  There are other kinds of umbrellas out there, and yes, they are a form of insurance.   Insurance umbrellas also give you protection, but not from the elements created by Mother Nature.  Following are five reasons everyone should carry an umbrella policy.

  1. Peace of mind – you might trust yourself, but can you trust your sixteen year old driver?  Or the neighbor who invites their friend to your house for a get-together?  Remembering that an umbrella provides liability protection for incidences that happen at your home or while on the road, you can imagine all of the potential hazards you face in a day, week or year.  When they decide to bring that against you, there is no sacrifice for preparedness.
  2. Broadened coverage – not only does an umbrella provide extended liability coverage above and beyond what is normally carried on an underlying home or auto policy, but in some cases it can even provide broadened coverage.  For instance, most homeowner’s policies don’t provide coverage for libel, slander or defamation of character.  Some umbrellas do.  Find one that fits your needs.
  3. Affordability – the total annual premium for this type of coverage is minimal given the fact that is protects you and your family at a very high level.  How much is too much when you’re buying assurance?
  4. Multi-policy discounts – If the affordability factor wasn’t already enough – some companies will give them away.  Not literally, but they will make it darn easy to get yourself financially protected.  If you have an umbrella policy – check for those famous multi policy discounts or MPD’s on your home and auto insurance.
  5. Asset protection – You work too hard for the things you have in life.  Don’t let one bad incident take that away.  While your financial planner is building assets, it is simply an umbrella policy that will protect them. In its most basic form, an umbrella is an asset protection policy and the carrot that you want someone to go after instead of taking your home, future earning potential or life savings.

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