Employment Practices Liability Insurance Basics
by Alison Neumann

Employment Practices Liability Insurance Basics

Employment Practices Liability Insurance, often called EPLI, is a coverage that has become more popular in recent years.  Part of the reason for the increase in popularity is due to the growing amount of lawsuits in our country for matters including wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, invasion of privacy, breach of contract, emotional distress, and more.  Those issues and cases have grown large in the public eye, with employers often assumed as the guilty party.

One way to protect your business from a claim like this is to have an EPLI policy in place.  EPLI policies provide financial protection to employers for claims made by their employees.  A lawsuit of this nature can happen to employers of all sizes from one employee to thousands.  Smaller businesses can find themselves at a higher risk for a claim if they lack an employee handbook or legal advice that details the laws and rules to follow for handling the hiring, disciplining, and terminating of employees.

Sometimes EPLI coverage can be added to your business’ general liability policy or business owner’s policy as an endorsement.  Other times, EPLI policies can stand alone separately.  The coverage advantages can offer free legal advice on employment practices, training in discrimination prevention, model employment practices, and employee handbooks.

Is your business properly protected?  If you want to learn more about EPLI coverage, or if you have any questions regarding your business insurance needs, contact your agent today.







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