Distracted Driving
by Jessica Dale

Distracted Driving

How many of you looked at your phone while driving today – checking your email, texting your friend back, etc?  What about looking away from the road to open up that breakfast sandwich you picked up on your way to work?  Be honest.  You aren’t alone — it is something that has become so prevalent that we often don’t even think twice.  Just on my short commute to work this morning I saw several different cars with their phones up by the steering wheel.

I read on the distraction.gov website that traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for American teens.  The website notes that when it comes to distracted driving, young people are among the most likely to text and talk behind the wheel – however, all ages are guilty.

Let’s reverse the direction the death toll is headed due to car accidents from distracted driving.  It’s understandable you will take a phone call while driving.  One way to make this more safe is by placing your phone within arm’s reach before you leave.  This will prevent the temptation to go digging through your purse/jacket/other seat when it rings.  Also, if you aren’t the culprit, you can still help.  Don’t stop at being a great driver – be a great passenger too!  Make sure to call out your friends, and even your parents, if you see them using a cell phone behind the wheel.

The connection to insurance?  While it pales in comparison to lives lost – there are ramifications in regards to insurance as well when you cause an accident.  If you have more than two minor violations within a 3 year time period or one major within a 5 year time period – you could be excluded under your workplace’s insurance policy.  If your job involves driving, this could put your job in jeopardy.  Also, most personal insurance companies will have a higher premium with a colorful driving record.

Think twice next time before you look at that text, check your email, or look over to unwrap that food.  One text or call could wreck it all…

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