Building a Stronger Team

Building a Stronger Team

February was an important month at VAST, as it was our first of many team-building seminars with Simply Superior Consulting. They are a leadership and organizational development firm located here in Marquette, MI. Simply Superior has helped guide our team in the past toward goal setting, and this year they were invited back to once again collaborate with all of the VAST employees.

Prior to our meeting, each VAST employee individually completed a Meyer-Briggs assessment to determine our grouping of 16 varying personality types. This was eye-opening for most, and at the forefront of many conversations leading up to the meeting with Simply Superior, with everyone curious if they had a “personality twin.”

At our meeting, employees broke off into their teams (Personal, Commercial, Benefits, Administration and Advisors), and dove in to explore the winding webs of our personalities. As we explored various characteristics that each person held, I found myself learning more than I thought about my co-workers and myself (as well as having a few good laughs at the accuracy of some of the outcomes).

As we wrapped up the day, the coaches had us stand in a circle and gave one person a ball of twine. This person was to toss the ball to another team member while expressing their gratitude for what they bring to the team. This went from co-worker to co-worker until we had formed one giant web of interconnecting talents.

Being mindful of differing personalities is essential in building a strong team and meaningful relationships, because each individual is unique in their greatness and necessary in a well-rounded group. When one person slacks their piece of twine, the strength of the whole web begins to fail.

I work with some pretty amazing and talented individuals, and our team building session went on to prove just that.


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