Teen Drivers and 4 Simple Ways to Monitor them
by Heather Mosher

Teen Drivers and 4 Simple Ways to Monitor them

Teen drivers continue to be an important topic for our clients.  Lately, we’ve had many questions regarding different ways for parents to protect their teen drivers once they’re on their own.  Letting go is the hardest part, so here are four ways you can make that easier.

There’s an app for that

In the era of the smartphone, there is an interesting spin on this.  How about an app to help protect your teen driver?   There are many options out there including Protector which is an in-car tracking system that does some cool things like impair your child’s smartphone once the engine is turned on.  The unique thing is that certain number like 911 can still be dialed.  Another option is Speedbump.  This app allows parents to be notified if certain speeds or violations are incurred.


One step further is a GPS monitoring device.  These little contraptions can be permanently installed in the vehicle (unlike a cell phone which can be conveniently left at home or turned off.)  Not only can these GPS devices track speed and other important things, but they can help locate the vehicle if the need arises.  Some auto insurance carriers actually offer discounts for proof of installation of this device in the vehicle your teen primarily drives.  Teen driver monitoring discounts are becoming more common so check with your auto insurance carrier.

Safe Driving Courses

Check with your local DMV or school system to see if there are optional classes beyond the standard drivers training courses for your teen.  In some areas, there are classes on local college campuses that offer a refresher for winter driving or driving in stormy weather.  Teens are eligible for these classes, as are adults.

Sticker Situation
Why not try a bumper sticker that prompts passing motorists to report on your teens potential bad driving?  Of course, this option runs the risk of people false reporting, but it is simple and cheap.

With these options at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to watch what your teen is doing while out on the road.  Giving them responsibility while also being able to put limits on it is important and helps build trust between parents and teens.  Safe driving!

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