Zen Scavenger Hunt
by Christie White

Zen Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

You may have read about or seen our Zen Committee events through our other blogs and our social media. Well, I’m excited to be writing about one of our latest activties that encourages our team to be active! With wellness as our main concern, we love to come up with different challenges throughout the year. Winter is right around the corner (sorry, but it’s coming!) so we wanted to take advantage of the outdoors as much as we could, which is why we came up with the Zen Scavenger Hunt! There were fifteen clues that will led to local points of interest within a fifteen minute walking distance from our office (downtown Marquette).

The first mission is to put on your thinking cap and solve the clues. Next, get outside and walk, bike, run, skip – whatever gets you moving – and snap a selfie of yourself at each destination! We had five days to complete at least ten of the fifteen places and our team did not disappoint. The crew was outside hunting on their breaks, during lunch hours, after work with their children and even on days they weren’t in the office!

Check out the photos of our team on our Facebook page! We accomplished our goal of encouraging our team to be active and made it fun and I think the selfies really express that. I encourage you to challenge your coworkers, friends and family with a scavenger hunt of your own. I’ll leave you with one of the clues from our hunt to get you started! Be sure to share a selfie with us on our Facebook page when you solve it!

You can’t miss me; I’m a big, tall pillar right on the lake. There’s a picnic table right in front of me where you can rest if you need a break. Gone are the days that I transport ore, but I’m still accessible right along the shore. Have you seen my twin at Presque Isle? You should go for a visit and watch the ships for awhile!

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