Work Culture Outside of the Office
by Alison Neumann

Work Culture Outside of the Office

If you’d like to increase your creativity and productivity in your job, and be more successful in your career, consider joining your coworkers in an after-hours work event.  Engaging with coworkers outside of regular office hours builds and strengthens positive relationships, enhances communication and trust, and makes the workplace happier.

VAST creates plenty of opportunities for employees to engage and have fun after work through our committees that focus on the culture of our workplace.  Our Culture Committee regularly plans after-hour events for employees and spouses to get together.  Recently, we’ve held those events at Vango’s, Iron Bay, and the Ore Dock Brewery.  The Culture Committee also plans our two big annual work events:  our summer picnic and Christmas party, which gives us a chance to have fun and build relationships.

Our Zen Committee plans healthy events both during work hours and after hours.  During work, we have the opportunity to sign up and take special break walks with coworkers and enjoy healthy snacks afterwards, including smoothies, trail-mix, watermelon, and fruit trays.  The Zen Committee has also held several lunch-n-learn events by having guest speakers stop in to talk about health-related topics that include a healthy lunch.  After work events have included a hike up Sugarloaf Mountain, and a Spanish food themed cooking class at the Marquette Food Co-op.

Our Volunteer Committee gives VAST team members many opportunities to spend time outside of the office to help our community.  This year already, groups of VAST team members have volunteered in several ways, including setting up for the UP 200 Sled Dog Races, spending time with residents at Mill Creek Senior Living Community, cleaning up the Marquette Bike Path, planting flowers with the Marquette Beautification Committee, helping out at the 4th of July Food Fest, and packing lunches with Cat Packs at the Salvation Army.

Spending time outside of your normal job building relationships with your coworkers will help invigorate and motivate the success of your workplace.  Engagement, communication, relating to coworkers, and building positive relationships are all crucial undertakings for the success of your career.  A great way to meet these needs is through socializing with your coworkers outside of your normal setting.  VAST encourages all team members to do so through plenty of opportunities to take part in our Blue Culture.


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