When is my Trailer Covered?
by Katrina Mattila

When is my Trailer Covered?

There is a common misconception that if a trailer is hooked to your vehicle the trailer is automatically covered under your auto policy.  This is not always, or usually the case, and unfortunately too many people find out the hard way after the damage has been done.  This leaves the question, when is my trailer covered? If you want physical damage coverage on your trailer it needs to be listed on your insurance policy. Just like your vehicle coverage you can elect to have comprehensive, collision coverage, or both on your trailer.

If you are pulling a small trailer, the liability coverage extends from the vehicle towing it, however, with some insurance companies if the trailers gross vehicle weight is more than 2,000 lbs. it needs to be listed for liability coverage. Many people also assume that the items they are hauling on the trailer are covered under their auto policy; however, that is not typically the case. If you want coverage for the items you are hauling, those will also need to be added to your policy. To verify your trailer and contents are properly covered, check with your insurance agent.

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