by Colleen Posey

What is an EOB?

You contact your insurance agent for assistance on understanding a recent medical claim. More than likely, your agent will ask for a copy of the EOB to better assist in answering your questions. Your first thought may be, “What is an EOB?!” If this has been you, don’t worry.  In insurance talk, the abbreviation EOB stands for “Explanation of Benefits.”   An EOB is a document that members enrolled in a medical benefits insurance plan will receive after a claim has been processed. The document will be from the insurance company.  It will provide a detailed explanation of what was billed for the service provided, as well as what the insurance company paid, and what the member’s responsibility will be.  On the top of the EOB it will state, “This is not a bill.”  If you owe the provider, you will receive an invoice from them in the mail. We recommend comparing the EOB to the invoice you receive from the provider to ensure they are consistent. If you have any questions or need additional information, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance agent.

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