Social Media – what are my employees actually doing?
by Kelly Reed

Social Media – what are my employees actually doing?

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, MySpace, Google+, Pintrest, etc… what’s next?  There will always be a next, but in the interim maybe a better question is how will these platforms evolve.  Maybe one last question… have they already evolved?  My opinion is yes they have evolved as the user, but we may not yet recognize it as employers.

Words Hurt – Pictures tell a thousand words – Video can crumble all you have worked to build.

First and as a disclaimer; Social Media, Websites, App’s can be phenomenal tools and are very special technologies.   These are in no way the culprit or cause of any problem in my eyes.  Problems are created when a user inappropriately uses a technology.  One example is Vine (Developed by Twitter) which is a six second video app. I bring this up because six seconds is a very short time…. well unless someone took a video doing something that represented your business poorly and then six seconds could feel like a lifetime.  Think about it – one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four, one thousand five, one thousand six…. how much damage can be done or how much goodwill can be created if these tools are harnessed for positive efforts.

For example, take a look on your social media or search for terms like “I hate my job, my boss is a loser, I’m bored at work.”  Here’s an example of what you may find:

  • Employee in their uniform (with your name + logo on it) using narcotics
  • Employee going through secure files (medical records, financial statements, etc…) and sharing them online
  • An employee damaging the product – for example a restaurant dropping food on the floor then putting it back on a plate

How would these type of situations impact your business?  Let’s look at the 1st example – an employee using narcotics in three different ways:

  1. Writing – If someone posted online, “I saw so + so use drugs at XYZ Business today.”
  2. Photo – If someone posted an image of this online?
  3. Video – What if someone posted a 6 second, 15 second, or 1 minute video of an employee using narcotics in their uniform at your facility?

All examples would hurt a business’s reputation and brand, but what about “social media reach” or “going viral”….which of the three have the best chance to have 1, 10, or 50 million viewers/readers? VIDEO OF COURSE!

Protecting your company online is not just about words anymore.  Employers must understand the power of the internet as it relates to photos and more importantly video.  Once it is out there, you are not getting it taken down….the damage is done.

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