The Voice on the Other End of the Line: VAST's Emergency Claims Phone
by Alison Neumann

The Voice on the Other End of the Line: VAST’s Emergency Claims Phone

It’s 7 PM on a Saturday and you discover a major leak in your roof following a storm.  After taking care of the immediate needs of the situation, can you call your insurance agency at this time of day and week to notify them of the damage?  If you’re a client of VAST’s, the answer is YES!

Other insurance agencies may be only available to take information on a claim during regular business days and hours.  VAST has an option for our clients, who have an after-hours emergency to call and receive help.

Our job is to advise you to do whatever is needed to prevent further damage, once that is taken care of,  then help you file a claim with your carrier.  Depending on the severity of the claim, we notify a team of VAST employees to jump into action, possibly help in person, and do whatever is needed to make a very tough situation easier to handle.

VAST employees are dedicated to being there for our clients in emergency situations – whenever they happen.  The 24 hour emergency claims phone is available to provide our clients peace of mind when handling crises.

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