by Colleen Posey

Travel Insurance

It’s that time of year again where we ditch the snow boots and frigid temps for flip flops and sunny skies. For those that are lucky enough to take respite from the Upper Peninsula’s infamous winters, it’s important to know how to cover yourself and loved ones while you travel abroad to your spring break destinations. Who wants their relaxing vacation to be interrupted by an unexpected sickness or injury? If you’re like me when planning a trip, I like to be extremely organized and plan for any situation. Unfortunately, you can’t always plan for the unexpected. Take the stress out of these circumstances by making sure you are covered with a travel medical policy. There are a variety of products that can cover you and your family from a 1 week trip to a 6 month trip abroad. One medical provider, who is common in the UP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, offers an array of GeoBlue travel products. These policies are easy to enroll in, and will ensure that you won’t be stuck between a rock and a hard place if you fall ill or become injured while traveling.  Contact VAST today to see what your options are.

The healthcare open enrollment period for 2022 individual and family health plans starts November 1 and runs through January 15.

Healthcare Open Enrollment