TOSS - Making a Good First Impression
by Cortney Ranta

TOSS – Making a Good First Impression

I read somewhere that it takes just one-tenth of a second for us to judge someone and make a first impression. The same rings true when we approach an insurance company to price a piece of business for one of our insureds or prospective clients.

As a business owner, you want to be sure you are presenting yourself in a good light with insurance companies. We have found out time and time again it does make a difference when it comes to your premium, or the number of options you will have.

As Director of Account Marketing here at VAST, it is my job to make sure that your business looks “attractive” to the market place. Just like physical appearance is important when meeting someone for the first time, the way your business is presented to an insurance company can make or break your chances of a competitive quote. To ensure this, we develop a TOSS, which stands for “Top of the Stack Submission”.

The TOSS is created by using a checklist to be sure we collect required items from our prospects/clients that will provide the insurance companies with all the details they need to deliver an accurate and fair price.   This is important because underwriters receive several submissions each day. If they know when they receive one that has all the information they need to do their job they will most likely move that submission to the “top of the stack”.   We are sometimes told that we ask for a lot of data and information that others don’t ask for, but at the end of the day we feel that by being thorough we are minimizing potential for gaps in coverage and presenting the business in the best possible light for the insurance companies review.

To put it in perspective, if you were in search of a babysitter for your children and met with two candidates and one was nicely dressed, professional and provided you with a resume with references and the other showed up late, untidy and said they’ll get back to you with some references, who do you think you would trust with your babies? We understand that your business is your baby and you can feel confident that by working with VAST we’ll be sure you put your best foot forward and make a memorable first impression!

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