The Ugly Truth about Cyber Liability
by Casey Holsworth

The Ugly Truth about Cyber Liability

As we speak, criminals are out there planning their next cyber liability attack. Unfortunately, we hear statements far too often such as, “Our business is too small to be a target.” “We have coverage under our general liability.” “We are using the latest/best technology and software to protect our business.” Truth of the matter is businesses of all sizes are susceptible to such malicious acts. It is critical that businesses and their staff understand the significance a single loss could have on their company. Take for example the UCCLA Health massive data breach, which compromised medical records of up to 4.5 million patients.

Hackers are not the only reason that businesses are at risk. Information stored on laptops, cell phones or other electronic devices that may be lost or stolen are also potential sources for a breach. Not to mention paper documents or information accidentally released – human error; as we all know, we are not perfect.

Having effective security measures, training procedures, and risk management strategies in place today is more important than ever as these attacks are continuing to surface more frequently.

If your business is vulnerable and the thought of an attack scares you, as it should, please give VAST a call. One of our trusted advisors would be happy to discuss your business’ exposure and work with you to create a solution that will allow you to sleep better at night knowing your business is protected.

You have the option to sit back and wait for an attack to happen, or take action today that will help prevent, mitigate and transfer the risk. What will you do?

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