The Perfect Balance
by Casey Holsworth

The Perfect Balance

Intimidating was my first thought when I began working at VAST. The first half hour of my first day was spent at that week’s Monday morning staff meeting. The meeting is highly focused around goals and the importance of growth and reaching/exceeding said goals. I thought to myself that this company and the employees never quit, and must work ALL the time (no time for vacation, etc).

Long story short, this may be the case with many other companies, however, this certainly is not the case at VAST. As the meeting continued I realized, “Okay, this is not so bad. At least they know how to have some fun while also working hard.” Nearly three years later, I have a new found respect for an employer that works hard to not only be a great growth organization, but also devotes much time and attention to their employees and their families.

Aside from all the goals, VAST is always looking for ways to positively impact/serve our community, as well as provide exceptional service to their clients. Not to mention, they do all this while truly making it one of the greatest places to work as they really do understand the importance of family and being present at home as much as you are at work.

Since becoming a new mom I have had many first hand experiences with trying to juggle my personal role as a mother and my career as an account manager. No matter what may come up, you know you have a team that truly cares and is there to back you up so your clients are not impacted negatively.

A glimpse at just how wonderful VAST is: They created a new department that has allowed myself and two other associates to make a transition. With these new positions, we are creating an internal service center that will allow our team to spend more time with clients to help better serve them. It is amazing to think, and I am very grateful they did all this so that I could spend one more day at home every week with my little girl, while also helping our team. In the end this also helps our clients.

Considered a millennial, I cannot say that I have had a vast amount of different job/workplace experiences, but I am certain I have landed with a company that is next to none when it comes to creating the perfect balance for its employees. I consider myself lucky to be part of it.

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