The Benefits of Vacation

The Benefits of Vacation

Summer has arrived! And with summer comes traveling, especially for northerners who have endured a very long winter. It’s very nice to escape the inconsistent up and down temperatures, maybe a late season snowstorm, and the soggy melting season! Surprisingly, many Americans leave vacation days unused. Studies report that it is estimated that 429 million paid vacation days go unused every year, and 30 percent of Americans do not use all of their vacation days. One of the major reasons why Americans leave vacation days unused is the fear of losing their jobs, which is a shame, because there are many benefits that come from vacationing. Let’s take a look at exactly what those benefits are.

Vacations help us reduce stress. Almost every working American is under some stress, whether the stress stems from work or personal life. Taking a vacation helps us to break the routine. Having days without a plan, catching up on sleep, and simply enjoying doing nothing and relaxing are all great things that come of a vacation. It allows us the time to leave worries and stressful thoughts behind that typically are on our minds in our daily lives. It is found that taking vacations contributes to people having higher positive emotional levels, and less depression. Other health benefits include lower blood pressure, and smaller waistlines. Who doesn’t love that?! Women especially benefit from hitting the road! One study found that women who vacationed less than once every two years were more likely to suffer from depression and increased stress than women who took at least two vacations a year.

Upon returning to work after a vacation, it is found that people have more productivity in the days, weeks, and months that follow. The creativity that is fostered on vacation allows people to find themselves again! When they return they feel refreshed, refocused, and ready to tackle new projects. Some of the best, most creative ideas can also come when you are away from the job. With this break from everyday life that vacation provides, people are then able to think more clearly, more creatively, and just have a different outlook.

According to a study done by a group of doctors, they found that traveling and vacationing is essential in getting our lives back on track. It’s important that our bodies and minds are taken care of on vacation.  When we consciously take care of our health and wellness while on vacation, the benefits are invaluable. An example of this would be still maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, even when on vacation. When healthy habits are included in relaxing vacation days, truly amazing things can happen to our bodies, leaving us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

Vacation days are a benefit from your employer, and almost essential to one’s health. It’s important to step away for a time, and get some much needed rest and relaxation. This allows us to recharge ourselves to be a better teammate and employee. Next time you’re on the fence about booking the trip, just do it! Your personal well being will thank you.


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