Protect Your Home from the Abominable Snowman

Protect Your Home from the Abominable Snowman

It has become habit for many to buy snow-tires and get a tune-up on their car before the winter season, but what are you doing to protect your home from Mother Nature’s fury.  It’s easy to say, “Oh my home’s fine.  I’ve never had anything happen before.”  Well, next thing you know, your roof collapses and you’re watching the big game on your very own snow couch. You’d be surprised how a few simple steps can help protect your home from the Abominable Snowman.

Protect your Pipes

Prevent the nightmare of a pipe bursting this winter by following a few easy steps.

  • Locate your water shutoff valve in case of emergency.  Share this information with your whole family; it could make a huge difference.
  • Insulate exposed pipes that may be in particularly cold areas of the house.
  • Taking that spring break cruise this year? Be sure to set your heat to at least 55 degrees.
  • Be sure to perform routine checks on your pipes.  Check for bulges or splitting.

Prevent Roof Leaks

  • Adding extra insulation to your attic can prevent major ice build that could lead to leaks and ice damming.
  • Maintaining your gutters and drain spouts can also prevent ice buildup.  Be sure to watch for any debris that may clog your gutters.
  • Blizzards often bring high winds and those winds can cause serious damage to your flashings (where the metal meets the edges of roof).  Consider hiring a professional to do a flashing inspection.

Keeping the Cold Out

  • Inspecting your windows, doors, and skylights before the big storm can prevent leaks or cold air from penetrating your home.
  • If your home has a basement with window wells, cover them with wood or plastic to keep the snow from pressing against the glass.
  • Proper inspection of your home’s exterior may expose cracks that could lead to ice and water seepage.

You might not be able to stop winter from coming but you can stop it from coming inside.  Now is the perfect time to protect your home (or move to Hawaii.)  If you have any other interesting prevention ideas, we would love to hear them.  To learn more, contact the VAST personal solutions team.

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