Should I Start a Captive Insurance Program?
by Kelly Reed

Should I Start a Captive Insurance Program?

Is my company taking on too much, too little or just the right amount of risk in my insurance program?

Investigating a Captive is on my 2012 strategic initiative list?

Is my company large enough to start or join a captive?

What are the benefits of doing so?

Ultimately what all of these questions come down to is “How do I take on more risk?”  Before we discuss how you take on more risk, we need to understand where you are currently at today.  Picture a straight line with multiple points on it.  The far left side of the line represents a company having a fully insured program.  The right side of the line reflects a company who owns and operates their own captive.  Where does your business fall?


Many businesses today want to jump from a fully insured program (far left) all the way to a captive (far right) and skip over the points in between.  This becomes a daunting task and a severe shift in the amount or risk a company takes on.  The administration and responsibility an insured takes on is a direct relationship with the amount of risk taken on.  So what are ways that a company can take on additional risk over time and become more comfortable with the concept of “risk sharing”?  A few ways to take on risk are:

  • Deductible
  • Profit Sharing Plan
  • Retrospective Pricing Plan
  • Group Captive
  • Single Cell
  • Single-Parent Captive

Why does this matter to me or what are the benefits?  An associate once said to me, “The ability to enter a captive is the reward for good performance over time.  The business is rewarded with a portion or all of the underwriting profit.”

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