Rise Above

Rise Above

Be the best you can be. I hear that a lot. But what exactly does that mean and what can I do to get there? Little adjustments to your morning routine as well as how you choose to keep your mind and body active can lead to greater successes in the workplace and your personal life.

Here are a few tips to help you rise above the norm.

Don’t just roll out of bed in the morning. Rise and take on the day with a morning exercise routine! Your metabolism continues to burn extra calories after a workout, so getting that jog in early ensures you’re burning off extra calories throughout the day. Exercise in the morning is also like a natural caffeine kick. It helps stimulate your body both physically and mentally. All of these factors culminate to reduce your chance of experiencing symptoms of depression.

To maintain a healthy and active mind, keep a “use it or lose it” attitude. Find some time just for yourself to read something you will enjoy. Not because it’s mandatory, but because it genuinely interests you.  Mental stimulation through activities such as reading help reduce your risk of experiencing degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia later in life.

Try to form habits that lead you to eat healthy throughout the day. Meal prepping on Sundays is a great way to ensure you have healthy options available all week– reducing the temptation to reach for the quick, unhealthy snacks. This gives you control of your nutrition by being able to pick and choose without rushing and it frees up more time throughout the week to be more proactive.

Sufficient sleep is also imperative to a healthy lifestyle. When you go to sleep having left tasks incomplete, your mind dwells on them. Getting things done helps your mind settle when it’s time to head to bed so you sleep more soundly.  Remember, sleep strengthens memory skills as well. If you are trying to learn something new, a better night’s sleep will help you perform better while fostering greater creativity.

Be the best you can be and rise above the standard. Remember, you are here for a purpose. Your significant other chose you for a reason. Your job hired you because they need you. Your kids (and pets?) depend on you and look up to you.  You are the lion among the gazelles. This is why YOU rise above.








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