5 Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates
by Heather Mosher

5 Ways to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Rates

In today’s economic climate, the majority of people are looking for ways to save money.  Unfortunatley, there are no coupons for insurance. However, there are ways to save money on your auto insurance rates.  The following are five ways to reduce your auto insurance rates.
  1. Review your collision options (did you know there are three levels in
  2. Work on your credit.  Sorry to say it, but credit plays a big role in determining insurance rates.  They call it an insurance score (but it uses credit as one determining factor.)
  3. COMBINE, COMBINE, COMBINE!  Multi policy discounts (MPD’s) are where it’s at.  I can’t stress this one enough, if you haven’t already done so, combine your home and auto policies together.  To take it a step further, some companies give you extra credit for umbrella and life insurance policies.  If you aren’t already taking advantage of this, you’re missing out.
  4. Change drivers – young drivers can have a major impact on the price of auto insurance.  First make sure they are driving the most affordable of your vehicles (aka the older the better.)  Check for discounts on good student drivers or student driver improvement courses.  Some companies offer this and it’s a good incentive to get your student to do well in school!
  5. Tell your agent about yourself.  Don’t withhold too much information!  Your agent is there to help you put the best plan in place for your needs.  Having a conversation regarding your career, hobbies, extracurricular or volunteer groups could have an impact on your insurance.  Why?  Because many carriers offer “group” discounts for people who meet certain criteria.  This could include teachers, CPA’s, certain fitness facilities, or even college alumni programs.

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