Preparing Home / Business for Fall / Winter Insurance Tips
by Chris Grigas

Preparing Home / Business for Fall / Winter Insurance Tips

It is slowly becoming that time of year, the sun is setting a little sooner, and not rising as early. Kids are going back to school, and the air is feeling a little crisper when we start our days. Even though most of us are sad to see summer come and go, we can still enjoy fall in the beautiful Upper Peninsula! Along with enjoying all of the awesome activities that fall has to offer, this is also a perfect time to prepare your home or business for the upcoming winter.

Some good ideas for readying your home / business for fall and winter are:

  1. Cleaning out your gutters, if you have them on your home or business. This will make sure that the gutters are functioning properly and will be less likely to be backed up with water and snow, when the time comes.
  2. Be sure the pipes in your home / business are ready for winter. Having your pipes inspected, and possibly winterized (if not already) in the fall could potentially save you from frozen pipe claims come winter time.
  3. Schedule an inspection of your home / business heating system. Being sure that your furnace / heating system is working properly is essential in avoiding any issues with ice build ups and potential building claims.
  4. Test and if necessary, replace your smoke detectors. According to the National Fire Protection Association, we should be checking and testing smoke alarms at least once a month. This is especially helpful in the fall and winter time, as people are going to be spending more time indoors. Testing the alarms, and replacing them if necessary, ensures that your home / business is ready for any potential issues that may arise due to smoke / fire.

The above tips are a good start in preparing your home / business for the fall/winter season that lies ahead. If you have any questions or need further suggestions on how you can prepare your home / business for fall/winter, please contact your agent.


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