Pet Insurance for Your Furry Family Members
by Kerry Hongisto

Pet Insurance for Your Furry Family Members

Pet Insurance
I adopt boxers (not the Muhammad Ali kind).  I adopt the sweet, squishy face, snoring, and slobbery kind.  They truly are members of my family. Unfortunately, pets also get cancer, eat ornaments off your Christmas tree, and break bones too.  Pet insurance can help with some of the costs of treatment, and I have experienced the benefits of it with my dog, Ruger.

We adopted Ruger when he was about three. We don’t even know his actual birthdate because the rescue was not able to get records from his previous owner. We brought him in for his initial exam with our local vet and he passed with flying colors. Since he was healthy, it was the ideal time to purchase insurance and we are so happy that we did. At the end of last year, Ruger was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and it’s quite severe. We have changed his diet, he takes supplements, and also takes anti-inflammatory pain medication, but it has not helped much.  He’s had lab tests, x-rays, has seen two specialists, and had an MRI. He is having a total hip replacement on one hip in December. To give you an idea on the cost, the MRI and surgery alone are around $9000 before any insurance reimbursement.  That figure doesn’t include his x-rays, lab tests, ongoing medications, or travel expenses since it can’t be done locally.  Our decision to have the testing and surgery may not have been different without insurance, but having insurance has made it a lot easier.

Pet insurance helps to pay for your veterinary bills when injuries and illnesses occur.  It provides you peace of mind that you will be able to give your pet the best care possible in the event that it’s needed. As advances are made in veterinary care, costs can increase as well. There are a variety of companies that offer pet insurance. Often, you can choose your coverage limit, deductible, and percentage of reimbursement. Some cover hereditary and chronic conditions and some do not. Just as it is with any insurance, it is important to choose a plan that fits your needs and provides the coverage that you are seeking.

The enrollment period for 2023 individual and family health plans ended on January 15. Please contact us to determine if you qualify for a special enrollment period.

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