Non-Owned Aircraft Liability
by Chris Grigas

Non-Owned Aircraft Liability

Traveling for business, pre-COVID, was a simple matter. Employees and businesses made travel arrangements almost daily and did not think twice about it. The COVID-19 Pandemic has not only changed the way individuals are going to travel, but businesses as well.

With new restrictions and health protocols for flying being implemented around the globe, businesses may look to potentially outsourcing air travel for their employees to specialized companies, or even employees who may have access to personal aircraft. If your business is considering either one of these options, it should also look into putting a non-owned aircraft liability in place.

According to the National Business Aviation Association, or the NBAA “non-owned aircraft liability insurance provides coverage in the event a corporation becomes legally liable for bodily injury (including passengers) and property damage to third parties as a result of a loss involving a corporation’s or employee’s use of a non-owned aircraft. Liability coverage would be provided to the corporation as long as the aircraft is not partly or wholly owned or registered in the name of the corporation, its subsidiaries, etc.”

Since the coverage is unique, and there can be many nuances of what is covered and what may not be covered, non-owned aircraft liability should be discussed with a broker that specializes in this type of coverage. These specialized brokers have years of experience in the aviation insurance industry and should be able to assist with any coverage questions you may h


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