by Chris Grigas

New Job

“I am starting a new job today!” This is a phrase some of us may be more familiar with than others, yet still one that has huge meaning for all involved. Starting a new position at a new company presents unique challenges and opportunities that can be nerve-wracking and exciting all at once. As one of the newest employees at VAST I had every single emotional feeling in the world you could think of leading up to my first day here, most notably nervousness. I was leaving a position and a place in which I had become familiar and comfortable with over the past two years to come to a place and industry I had no clue about. However, the first day at VAST was everything a new employee could dream of. The welcoming environment and new teammates put me at ease right away. Over the next couple of days, I actually got to sit down with every single teammate and have a discussion with them, not just about VAST, but who they are personally.  That was truly a unique and awesome experience!  I have never worked for a company where they valued personal relationships so much. As I become more familiar with the position and become trained, I know I will not feel as nervous or scared about my “new” job; due to the welcoming and open culture that VAST has established.

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