New Employee Experience

New Employee Experience

Being the “new employee” sounds scary doesn’t it? To explain the feelings I had, I would use the words nervous, scared, anxiety, or panic. Most people change careers a couple of times in their lifetime for many reasons. Some of them being more pay, moving locations, following a dream, or simply because they need a change.

When I was looking for a new career, I was focusing on having the opportunity to grow internally within the company. I also wanted to focus more in business as that was my degree in college. Insurance wasn’t an industry I thought I would ever be a part of, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision to apply and work at VAST.

Many feelings started to sink in once my first day arrived. Mostly, my thoughts were of not knowing anyone personally or much about insurance in general. Deep breaths and positive thoughts were occurring every half hour, but once I walked in the door at VAST, I was calmed by the welcoming faces and helpful personalities of everyone. My panic and anxiety slowly went away.

Each day got better and more relaxed. I’m now sitting here writing this blog in the middle of my second week explaining how wonderful an experience it has been. The people here are true team members that work together to help each other understand the world of insurance. They all have goals to strive for. Each team member goes above and beyond for each client, while still having fun. That only makes me (the “new employee”) want to strive to provide the same customer experience.

From my new employee experience I would tell anyone starting a new job:

  • Do not overthink the situations you are about to walk into.
  • Stay positive and confident (but not overly confident).
  • Remember that everyone has once been in your shoes, and understands the “new person” role.
  • You’re only human, and humans can get through almost anything life has to throw at us!
  • Know and be that amazing employee they hired you to be!

Even though I’ve been working at VAST for two short weeks, the team here has taught me more than I expected in this time. I couldn’t be more excited to start my journey with them. They have a culture that works perfectly, both internally and externally.

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