National Health Care, ObamaCare, PPACA - What do they mean?
by Heather Mosher

National Health Care, ObamaCare, PPACA – What do they mean?

Why does it seem like everyone is calling National health care by a different name?

I would like to clarify what the many different names and references to this new system are and what they actually mean.

National Health Care – referencing the fact that our entire nation will conform to this new system of health care coverage.  Remember, this is will be a new way of purchasing and funding health care, more than it is a way of receiving medical care.

Health Care Reform – referring to the reforming or changing of the old way of purchasing and paying for health care

Obamacare – referencing the fact that it is under the Obama Administration that this law has been signed.

PPACA – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – the formal name for all of this.  Referring to the fact that all americans will be charged an “affordable rate” for health care coverage as well as given essential health benefits – this includes but is not limited to free preventive care as well as mental health care.

ACA – Affordable Care Act (for short) – Same as above

Health Care Mandate – Referring to the two components of this law – the individual mandate – whereby all americans will be “forced” to purchase health care coverage or pay the tax to be exempt.  The second component being the employer mandate – whereby all Large employers (over 50 full time equivalents) are forced to provide affordable and qualified health care benefits to employees or pay a tax.  The employer mandate has been postponed until January of 2015.   The individual mandate is still on track for January 1st, 2014.

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