4 Blue Rules: My First Year At Vast [Part 2 of 2]
by Scott Reddinger

4 Blue Rules: My First Year At Vast [Part 2 of 2]

Last week I discussed the first two “Blue Rules” that I’ve come up with from my first year of
working at VAST. This blog is a continuation of those rules, so let me pick up right where I left off.


This is both simple and complex at the same time. VAST is an extremely philanthropic place. I was amazed to learn just how many causes and charities that are donated to. But it ends up being so much more than just giving money to a cause. Where VAST amazed me is that nearly every single person here is involved in some sort of service club or organization that they give their time and energy too. It is not a job requirement or anything even close to it, but it’s part of the “Blue Culture” that I’ve continued to mention. Ultimately, I’ve come to the understanding that if you help make your community a better place, then everyone ends up benefiting. This spills over into the work place as well. I’ve never worked anywhere where everyone is so eager to help if someone has a question, is falling behind, or just stuck on something. I would encourage everyone to embrace the mentality that we’re all in this together, and whether it’s in the community or with co-workers giving back is one of the most beneficial things you can do.


This is the final piece of the puzzle, and really the main thing I’ve learned from my first year at VAST. Throughout these lessons I’ve touched on some things our organzation does, such as being a part of service organizations, celebrating the good and bad, and asking questions. We also take continued education classes, have wellness comittees, the list could go on and on. At the end of the day the million dollar question is why? Why do we do all of these things? The simple answer is this: To Keep Getting Better. We strive to be better people and be a better organization. By not resting on our laurels we are perpetually changing in positive ways. If you can continually be a little bit better than you were the day before I can promise you that good things are going to happen.

These are my four “Blue Rules” that I’ve learned here at VAST in my first year.  To say it’s been a whirlwind would be a complete understatement. Besides being blessed with the great opportunity to work here I’ve also gotten engaged and a bought my first home in that years time. None of it would be possible if it weren’t for this job and the positive things I’ve taken from it and applied to my life. My goal is to follow my own advice and to keep learning every day, and also to keep getting better during this long strange trip that is life. I hope that this blog gives you the encouragement to do the same.



To learn more about Scott, visit his personal page. To learn about the Blue Culture at VAST contact Beth Swanson, Director of Human Resources | 906.315.7202 | beths@vastsolution.com.

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