Motor Truck Cargo Insurance
by Chris Grigas

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Your business has been approached by a local contractor with an opportunity to transport the contractor’s equipment from job site to job site for the next year. The opportunity is a great one. It will ensure that you will have a positive cash flow, and work for your employees, for at least the next year without any interruptions. You are reviewing the contract requirements, including the necessary insurance requirements, and you come across an insurance coverage you have never heard of; motor truck cargo insurance.  You wonder to yourself, what is motor truck cargo insurance, and do I have that type of coverage ?

Motor truck cargo insurance, as defined by,

“Insurance that provides legal liability coverage for truckers, whether common or contract, while they are transporting the property of others. The policy protects the insured (the trucker), & the covered property (cargo).”

Motor truck cargo is an essential coverage for businesses that may find themselves hauling the property of others, on a regular basis. While you may think that this is a coverage meant strictly for trucking operations, it can also be applicable to contractors, whom are being compensated for moving the property (i.e. equipment) on a regular basis.

The good news is that there are multiple carriers who will write this type of coverage, and some may even add the coverage to an existing line of insurance for a minimal fee.

It is important that if you add this coverage to your insurance program that you review the policy, and ensure that what you are hauling is covered, and that the limits of insurance are adequate enough for your operations. Each carrier is different, and the motor truck cargo coverage for carrier A may be very different than carrier B.

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