Mentor or Mentee, That is the Question
by Cortney Ranta

Mentor or Mentee, That is the Question

Here at VAST, we have implemented a mentorship program that pairs two individuals in the office (typically a new employee & a more seasoned employee) to help build successful careers and relationships within the organization.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been both a mentor & mentee and I would have to say both were beneficial.

As a mentor, I was able to:

  • Connect with a team member outside of the office and learn more about them personally.
  • Help provide insight about our core values & culture.
  • Become a role model with positive influence.
  • Become a source of information & knowledge.

As a mentee, I was able to:

  • Learn more about the organization and its history.
  • Accept feedback/constructive criticism.
  • Be held accountable for my commitments/actions.
  • Develop goals and a timeline for reaching them.

Our program consists of three structured meetings over a 90-day period.  After the 90-days the mentor/mentee have the option to continue meeting at their leisure. The program is always evolving based on input & suggestions from each team that completes it.

To answer the question, mentor or mentee?  I would suggest taking part in both, you will not be disappointed.

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