Lunch 'N' Learn

Lunch ‘N’ Learn

Helping your employees maintain a healthier lifestyle isn’t as hard as it may seem. Many employers want to know what they can do to help keep their claims down and employees healthier. One good thing I feel that is beneficial is to offer Lunch ‘N’ Learns for your employees. This is an opportunity to enjoy a relaxing lunch while learning new techniques and recipes.

Like the idea but not sure where to begin? Appointing a person or a committee in your organization is a great place to start! Here at VAST, we have a committee called ZEN that helps set up these Lunch ‘N’ Learns by reaching out to the community for speakers that are willing to come in and talk to our employees. A date, time, and lunch accommodations are made, along with a signup sheet that goes around the office for interested employees to reserve their spot.

This is a great way to help educate your employees on nutrition, especially in the workplace. This also opens the door to many other possibilities for future Lunch ‘N’ Learns. Personal trainers, yoga instructors and chiropractors all make for great guest speakers. There are so many types of people that can help you get into shape in other ways.

So when you are trying to think of a fun and easy way to educate your employees, think about trying out a Lunch ‘N’ Learn.

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