Latest in Fire Safety
by Katrina Mattila

Latest in Fire Safety

Technology continues to advance in so many ways and this also includes technology for fire safety. Some of the new fire alarms have some really cool features. There are “smart alarms” that will send a notification to your phone if the alarm goes off and can tell you if it is a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide, and also the location of the fire. For example, the alarm will tell you “there is smoke in the kitchen” and when one speaks they all speak, so if you are in a different room you will know there’s smoke in the kitchen.

Smoke alarms are supposed to be tested on a monthly basis, but the reality is most of us don’t test them that often. There are alarms that now test themselves and notify you on your phone when the battery is getting low.

Heating systems can cause carbon monoxide leaks or spread smoke. There are now some alarm systems that work with your thermostat to turn off the heat. These new advances in technology though they can be costly initially can really help minimize damage and keep your family safe, which is well worth the money.

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