It Actually IS Easy Being Green!
by Alison Neumann

It Actually IS Easy Being Green!

In honor of Earth Day this past April, the Green Team at VAST celebrated by encouraging all VAST team members and their families to do an environmentally friendly activity at home during our Stay at Home Order.  While this was not our original idea of how to celebrate Earth Day, it still resulted in great fun, participation, and many different acts that both helped and honored our earth.

We gave our team members some ideas on how to be green at home, and they ran with it!  We saw people growing indoor herbs and veggies for their gardens, upgrading their trash bins to include a space for recycling, drying their clothes on a drying rack instead of using the drying machine, composting, using green reusable items, saving paper and plastic by opting for green alternatives, and of course recycling.

We can see positive environmental results of humans all over the world respecting the earth, while also living through the pandemic.  The NASA Earth Observatory posted images of the decrease in nitrogen dioxide gasses over China and Italy, which are the deadly gasses from fossil fuel combustion closely linked to vehicle traffic and factory output.  The difference between 2019 and 2020 is both shocking and hopeful: shocking to see the difference, and hopeful in that it proves that we absolutely can create a positive impact on the environment of our world.

While we are away from our office and things are certainly different these days, we can still remember to treat our earth with the love and care that it deserves, in both small ways and large.  The results we are seeing now are a good reminder to celebrate Earth Day every day!


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