How to Prevent Risk Within Your Organization
by Kelly Reed

How to Prevent Risk Within Your Organization

In this week’s blog Kelly Reed begins a five part series on how to proactively manage risk.  The first is through the prevention of risk.  This can be accomplished in three ways: education, communication and by having a great culture within your organization.

Education – Education can come in many different forms including: webinars, live seminars, podcasts and email blasts to name a few.  What we recommend is a personal development plan for key people within your organization.  This plan should be tailored to each individual and provide the education that they need to help your organization and to grow as an individual.

Communication – Great communication between departments and co-workers will give your organization a much better chance of success.  Often times threats or risks within organizations come from communication breakdowns.  If you and your staff can avoid those breakdowns your chances for success are greatly increased.

Culture – To achieve a great culture, you must start by having excellent education and communication strategies within your organization.  When you get buy-in from top to bottom in your organization, you are on your way to having a great culture that helps to prevent risk within your organization.

To learn more about prevention strategies and how you can implement them within your organization contact Kelly Reed  |  906.315.7227  |  Check back next week to learn the second strategy in proactively managing risk, mitigation.

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