High Performance Meetings
by Casey Holsworth

High Performance Meetings

When working in a professional environment, meetings are going to be inevitable. Despite their necessity, there are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages (ie time and money) however, will pay for themselves if the meeting is constructive and purposeful for all those involved.  Here at VAST, we feel it is critical to have each meeting run at a high level. That happens when we capture and incorporate team building, share information/results, and work at problem solving. Below are a few examples of some of the meetings that our team has that help with our unity and success, as well as tips to conducting a high performance meeting:

  • Team Meeting: Held every Monday morning, this meeting brings together the entire VAST team. It is a great way to jump start the week as the meeting encourages the team to discuss results and goals, Blue Process and Blue Experiences, community events, updates from automation and operations, internal committee updates (Fun, Zen, and Nerd), our brand, and the core values/culture of the organization.
  • Line of Business: Monthly meeting that allows each of the lines of business within the organization (Commercial, Benefits, Life Solutions, and Personal) to meet to discuss particular goals and results, wins and losses, individual company results/issues, claims, solution development and anything else that may be going on within the team or industry.
  • Divisional: A monthly meeting that focuses on our “Blue Sales Process” and also our “Blue Client Experience.”
  • Advisor Development: Informal “huddle” for the sales team to spend 30-60 minutes each Friday to share business acumen, industry specific items, seek advice, and practice skills.
  • Account Managers: The account manager meetings are held monthly, and are a great way to get all of the service teams together to discuss automation items, claims, and any items/issues that individuals or teams may want to discuss with the group.
  • Briefs: Briefs are highly encouraged for each advisor and account manager to have twice a week (beginning and end of week). These meetings play a very important role in day to day activities. They allow the teams to perform at a high level, be engaged, reduce interruptions, and go into each week with a game plan.
  • Huddles: Huddles are also highly encouraged between the service team members, and are most often done weekly. The huddles are a great way to grab a few minutes with your teammates to discuss schedules, workflow issues, or any other situations that may need to be addressed.

Tips to Conducting a High Performance Meeting

  • Be sure when scheduling, the location/date/time works for all members.
  • Plan the meeting ahead of time, creating an agenda that you follow to stay on track.
  • Clearly state the purpose.
  • Communicate with clarity to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Be sure there is a plan of action/follow up for any necessary items and who will be doing them.

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