Fireplace and Woodstove Care for Winter
by Heather Mosher

Fireplace and Woodstove Care for Winter

Believe it or not, winter is almost at it’s peak.  We are coming into the coldest and most severe part of the year from a weather standpoint.  It is at this time which fireplaces and woodstoves are used most heavily.  While these supplemental heating sources not only help our energy bill, but give us a warm fuzzy feeling  – it’s understandable that their utilization goes up in the winter months!

With increased use, comes increased potential for house fires and smoke damage.  It is vitally important to keep a watchful eye on your supplemental heating units to avoid putting yourself and family in a risky position!

Here are some important steps to follow for a safe and healthy burning season:

  • Clean your chimney in the fall and spring.  Doing so twice a year helps prevent the buildup of creosote which is highly flammable and is often the cause of chimney fires.  This also keep unwanted critters from making a home there.
  • Burn dry and clean wood.  Do not use miscellaneous woods with paint, varnish, or other treatments on them.  These chemicals can be detrimental to your interior environment as well as leave nasty build-up inside the chimney itself.
  • Keep woodstoves and fireplaces free of excess ash and debris – clean these items out after each use for maximum efficiency and safety.
  • Maintain good airflow to the fire when burning – this helps keep smoke out of the room and prevents build-up in the chimney.  Closing the mesh or putting up a stand-alone screen helps prevent embers from bouncing out of the fire and into the room.
  • It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again – never leave a fire unattended!

Following a few easy steps will dramatically reduce your family’s risk of a house fire.  Have a safe, happy and warm winter!  To learn more contact Heather Mosher | 906.315.7235 |

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