Enhancing Our Culture through Conferences
by Alison Neumann

Enhancing Our Culture through Conferences

Attending industry conferences can greatly benefit employees in many occupations, especially insurance.  VAST regularly sends team members to multiple different conferences throughout the year.  Doing so gives us educational opportunities, networking possibilities both with others in our industry and with vendors and suppliers, and prospects to grow within our fields of expertise in the insurance industry.

VAST regularly encourages and sponsors its team members to take part in many different conferences and learning opportunities.  Some include specific educational opportunities and exams for different insurance agent designations.  Others focus on particular insurance carriers or sectors of the industry.  All conferences provide many beneficial experiences and learning possibilities.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Auto Owners CSR Convention in Lansing, MI.  I admit, going to a large event like that over six hours away from home for four days with 400 participants, and only knowing my one traveling team member companion was a little intimidating!  However, soon after arriving, I could see that the majority of others attending were in the same position.  Throughout the conference I met many people in all positions in the insurance industry.  I also learned innovative new practices and information within the field, sat in on a motivational speaker with the topic of “Dealing with Difficult People”, and was highly entertained by the Rocket Man, an Elton John impersonator.  I was able to take back much of what I had learned into both my professional and personal life.

Participating in industry conferences not only allows our team members to glean innovative ideas and practices, but it also allows us to bring back what we have learned and share the new information with our team.  Conference participation allows VAST to invest in the success of the team, the team members to gain confidence in their abilities, and it stimulates fresh ideas to constantly flow through the workplace.

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