How To Eliminate Blind-Spots In Your Vehicle
by Heather Mosher

How To Eliminate Blind-Spots In Your Vehicle

The Society of Automotive Engineers [SAE] published a paper in 1995 that suggested ways to eliminate blind-spots in your vehicle. However, many people have never heard of this of refuse to change the way that they are comfortable having their outside mirrors adjusted. If you are willing to be uncomfortable for a short amount of time, the change is worth it.  You will no longer have to wrench your neck to check your blind-spots.


1. INTERNAL REAR-VIEW MIRROR – Adjust your mirror so that you can see straight back behind your car.

2. LEFT SIDE MIRROR – Lean your head and shoulders to the left until your forehead nearly touches the driver side window.  Adjust the mirror so that you can see just a sliver of your vehicle.

3. RIGHT SIDE MIRROR – Lean your head and shoulders to the right [about in the middle of your vehicle].  Adjust the passenger side mirror so that you can, again, see just a sliver of your car.

You will not see the sides of your vehicle when you are sitting in your normal driving position, but don’t worry you won’t run into yourself:0)


While driving in the right lane, watch for a vehicle traveling in the left lane to approach you in your rear-view mirror.  Without moving your head, watch in your rear-view mirror and as the vehicle approaches your car in the left lane.  Before it disappears from your view in the rear-view mirror, glance to your left side mirror.  The vehicle in the left lane will be in your side mirror.  Watch the vehicle in the side mirror as it begins to pass you.  Just before it disappears from your side mirror, you should see it with your peripheral vision.  Notice that without even turning your head, you never had a blind-spot.  Next try it with the right side mirror.  Watch, as you pass a vehicle traveling in the right lane, go from your peripheral vision, to your right side mirror, to your rear-view mirror.  Again, no blind-spot!  If, at any time, there is a blind-spot, your side mirror needs some further adjusting.

The change will take a little getting used to, but in a short amount of time you will enjoy being blind-spot free!

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